Client Reviews

  • PROFESSIONAL! That is how we found the team at B-Creatives.
    Our website looks so much better than we ever pictured in our mind's eye and that's because the company we dealt with were truly professional and had fantastic communication skills.
    Nothing was too hard for this committed group of hard working beavers!
    We're impressed! Thank you...
  • Team bcreatives is really creative. Their understanding the client and the clients needs first before they getting into the task with their heart and soul is worth appreciating. This followed by their repeated brainstorming sessions and constant followups and previews is commendable. Delighted about my results.
    My experience about bcreatives.......... Kudos !!
  • I just can't tell how wonderful my website came out to be! It out-of-the-box, innovative, killer and easy at the same time.

    The concept is beautiful and anyone who comes over at my webpage not only likes it - but loves it.

    Cheers to the Team at BCreatives who not only educated me on the trends of the web but also delivered an exceptional website that is far better that I could ever get. Specially my business cards - love em love em love em.

    I shall be back to get T-Shirts made from you folks as well - soon!
  • BCreatives is the most amazing team we have ever worked with!

    They bridge the gap between professionals without losing their individual creative edge. They are honest, caring, committed and work at giving you the most original product/design ever.

    I would recommend them for any project!
  • All the gowning photographs are of good quality and meet satisfaction of Ranbaxy Lab.

    We really liked the professional approach, printing and the delivery standards of the Photographer and the Designer.

    I also wanted to put a note that be it over emails or over a phone call, the communication was truly professional which is commendable.

    Thanks a lot and we shall be back with more projects in the future!

    Ranbaxy Laboratories Projects

    Photo Procedure Posters for RanbaxyPhoto Procedure Posters for Ranbaxy
  • I just wanted to writ ma review for the most amazing folks I eva met! They do the code, the design and research for my company and present excellent stuff. From my promotion leaflets to the sketched bar menu everything they gave me was just wonderful. When I first got in touch with them for a Logo design I was a bit dodgy if they could bring the real taste into it but in the end they really did. Wow - what a process it was! Slowly slowly it developed in front of my eyes into my dream logo. I just love the D.

    The best design they made was the black and white promotional poster which all my guest's liked.

    I just want to thank the design team for the generosity they showed by giving me freebie wallpapers - they are just wow!
  • Hey folks, am not much of a review writer but here goes something interesting.

    I recently contacted Team Awesome for a Brochure Design when I was not sure what I actually wanted my Brochure to look like. This was the first Brochure for my product line and all I wanted was it to be innovative, have a global feel and made such that I could print each page individually as well (I did not want to get flyers designed for each product category separately but the brochure split should do it). The first concept they sent me was bombastic and the moment I saw it I knew my brochure was gonna be rocking.

    They took about 2 days per page, sent me regular previews for approval and the rest is history. I just want to thank the design team who made my brochure just like the way I wanted it to be - Super!