IT Software

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“Software” the word has a different meaning these days eh! Back in 2000, when we started developing code, 2K fever was all around and there were no shortcuts, no re-usable snippets, the Internet was still developing, Google was in the 3rd Grade, IE6 was in Beta and Software was merely limited to Business units. Huh! But now, we are pleased to announce that even the grocery store near our studio runs a couple of these each time someone buys candy! It’s the age of exponential advancement and everyone needs to move with the flow. Understanding Software is No Rocket Science, its utilization can be as simple as that of a calculator! All one needs to know is how to manipulate and use Software to make everyday tasks easier for all of us!

Using our know-how we can make Web Application Software – the ones that need a Browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox & Safari etc.) to run, for you too and the good thing is they are secure, versatile, work out-of-the-box, user friendly and importantly affordable!

Looking for something even simpler? Shoot us a “time consuming task” that you think can be improved or logged with some sorta “software magic wand” and we’ll carve one out for you. Yes it’s that simple!