Big Apple Consulting Logo

✓ Project delivered in 7 days

When Mandeep Pujara, the Director of an upcoming Brand Consulting firm came on-board, it was sure that we would be grilled on several concepts before one is finally selected to be the brand identity for BAC. So it happened!

After several emails and back to back Skype sessions, we finally we able to get Mandeep to agree on one concept that was straight out of his own beautiful mind. Yes, we definitely came up with the base design concept of an apple with a tie, but it was Mandeep who later suggested his color choices, gradient choice, inspirations and how he liked the tie to be placed inside the apple.

After the logo was ready to be delivered, Mandeep yet again came up with ideas to improve the tie with a curve under the knot and a shine on the apple which instantly improved the logo. Kudos!

And we finally got the order for his upcoming website and the TShirts he is thinking to get designed in the very near future. Stay tuned!